Romance is an ever evolving organism that thrives on the energy of those passionately seeking love.  I relish the uniqueness of each romantic journey because the roads to love are vast and varied.  

Her Vision

Our lives are each built with many layers of bricks and mortar as well as a few walls and fences.  When pain, betrayal, loss and tragedy strike it can build the foundation for walls that are difficult to break past. Join the strong women and the men who love them as they seek to break past the hurt.  

Broken Barriers 


Anna Clara has seen the future of those around her and she learned to coupe with this knowledge over the years, until now. When she discovers her reoccurring dream of betrayal and murder are about her she must find the killer hiding in the shadows before he finds her.  

....because no barrier should stand between you and Love

Tess Daley

​Romance Author